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Access ControlWhether you run a small local business or a large national operation with multiple locations, United Federated Systems offers customized access control devices and systems built specifically to meet your needs and your budget. We provide commercial, retail, public, and business customers with custom-installed solutions incorporating a variety of access control readers, doors, gates, and devices. We can develop an access control system to control just one door in your single building, or hundreds of doors across multiple buildings and locations. We offer a wide variety of access control options, including state-of-the-art biometric technology such as fingerprint, iris, face, voice, and hand geometry readers. We can also combine and retrofit systems for reliable dual and triple layer authentication.  Our software is fully networked, enabling you to manage and administer your access control system from nearly any connected device. United Federated Systems installs access control systems that are scalable, reliable, and easy to manage.

  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Easily manage access credentials
  • Accommodate trusted visitors and vendors
  • Analyze traffic reports by hour, day, week, and more
  • Track entry and exit times for individuals
  • Access data related to workplace incidents
  • Perform lock-downs in case of a security threat
  • Administer systems remotely

Access Control

Installing and Servicing Access Control Devices

We can install, upgrade, and service a wide variety of access control systems. If your access control system is old or unreliable, your business is at risk. We can replace key components with new access control devices to keep your assets and personnel safe. Our access control systems allow you to control, track, and managed access to your facilities, improving security through effective employee and visitor management. Our team of engineers will manage all phases of the access control system implementation process including layout and configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections, and testing with local service and support.

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