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Fire Alarm & Security Systems Specialists

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Commercial Fire Alarms

As a licensed fire alarm contractor and NICET-certified fire system designer and installer, United Federated Systems installs high-quality industrial and commercial fire alarm systems. We also install fire communication devices, and monitor them from our central location. When there’s a fire, response time is critical – and you can count on our team.

Our product offerings include control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct and sprinkler detectors, pull stations, remote power supplies, carbon monoxide detectors, voice evacuation products, and annunciators. Our team includes designers who will produce CAD designs of your system, including a layout and full engineering support.

Each fire alarm system we design and install is guaranteed compliant with local, state, and federal codes – we liaise with the authorities in your area from the permit phase all the way to the final inspection in order to ensure your fire alarm system is installed correctly and effectively.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance and Testing

Fire AlarmsAccording to NFPA standards, all fire alarms must be maintained by a licensed contractor. Whether you require annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly maintenance, we will notify you when your maintenance needs to be scheduled and provide a complete inspection whenever you require. United Federated Systems will ensure your system is maintained properly, and meets all local code requirements.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Fire Alarm System?

Between constantly changing fire codes and the limited life span of fire alarm systems, eventually your system will need to be upgraded. If you’ve experienced any of the below, it might be time for you to consider updating your commercial fire alarm system:

  • Have you had a complete system failure?
  • Is the maintenance becoming excessive?
  • Is it difficult to find the right parts to keep your system running properly?
  • Have you updated your elevators?
  • Is your system no longer up to code?
  • Have you completed renovations to your property?