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Commercial Surveillance Systems: CCTV and IP Video

Commercial surveillance systems should be easy to use, cost-effective, and improve your business operations. Video surveillance is more efficient than ever in crime prevention – installing a CCTV system can make a big difference in protecting your personnel and assets, as well as increasing employee productivity and reducing inventory shrinkage.

Theft and trespassing can occur anywhere, but commercial surveillance systems can play a vital role in reducing incidents and protecting your inventory, employees, assets, and investments. United Federated Systems can build a completely customized system that is flexible, versatile, and scalable in order to keep your business safe whether you’re a single-location retail business or a large organization with multiple locations.

We will work with you to design a CCTV system to satisfy the needs of your systems integrators, IT department, and multi-level security system operators.  Our trained engineers will install your commercial CCTV system at multiple points to ensure comprehensive coverage inside and out, and you can choose how much footage to store and at what quality. Whether you want to keep your location secure from intruders and theft, monitor employees to increase productivity, or ensure protection against legal problems, United Federated Systems can design the perfect surveillance system for you.

Our wide range of surveillance services and equipment includes:

  • Analog Cameras
  • IP Cameras and Networking Equipment
  • PTZ Telemetry Dome Cameras
  • Weatherproof Day/Night Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • PC-Based or Hybrid Video Recorders, and several open platform NVRs
  • HD Camera Options
  • LED and Infared Sensors
  • Remote mobile access to video feeds
  • Local and/or offsite video storage
  • Warranties and advance replacement services

Ongoing Support for Commercial Surveillance Systems

We stand by every system we design and install, and guarantee your satisfaction. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for commercial surveillance systems, CCTV systems, and IP Video systems.